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Features of a Hotel Billing Software

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As a hotel business owner you need to deal in multiple fields and channels, but the most important thing that you need to keep track of is your daily expenses and incomes and this, as we know is a very tedious and complex task, especially when handled in pens and papers. Your guests give you a down payment for their reservation and thus you need to keep track of outstanding amounts all the time. Relying upon Bank transfers is not completely the most efficient solution as it requires high transaction fees thus increasing your managerial costs. Other than this, international money transfers consume a lot of you and your visitors time. Here’s where a hotel billing software comes in.

A custom hotel and restaurant billing software helps you manage your clients and other managerial activities conveniently. Integrating such software with an existing ERP or CRM automates the billing system, initiates a custom workflow, provides data security, provides transparency, and handles financial projections and other account related tasks. Adopt to this innovative solution for billing and invoicing activities of your hotel and improve your guest experience.

Here are some of the best features you should look out for in a custom hotel billing software offered by Yashraj Software Pvt. Ltd.:

1) Cloud based software
Offering a wide no of payment gateways, welcome your global guests with easy invoicing, in multiple languages and currency units.

2) Independently Hosted Software
Get your own self hosted hotel billing software in your own environment.

3) Secured Sensitive Data
With strong end security, the software makes sure that your data is safe.

4) Support
Get full time support anytime. The support team helps you resolve any type of issues.

5) Inventory Management
Manage inventories easily and hassle free.
You can track and manage the required amount of inventory thereby optimizing the outgoing expenses in inventory investment and saved amounts.

6) Day-To-Day Reporting and Analysis
It allows you to quickly generate billing and outstanding reports that helps you analyze your revenue margin, make better business decisions and grow overall revenue.

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